0000003903 00000 n Figure 2.7. endstream endobj 45 0 obj <>stream ���*W���=�7 -�� � _QK�&�j�u.��)`!���.7�=4O�m�x\u�4�`9��U>u�-�t�Lk�p4v�7&�V^�={RܬEt�X�L�Rb��/����g����g�C�\p��$����c"w�&��%�z,&���A}��g�� 7%>�H�s��@VV&�ҞqOb�~�K�W����6w f��3�4� �����p��ӗ�: A force transducer is another type of sensor used in modal testing. x -sensors.de. They thus represent the model series with the largest product range. Z30A high-precision reference force transducer for small forces. A measurement system consists of sensors, actuators, transducers and signal processing devices. 0000009420 00000 n 0000006508 00000 n endstream endobj startxref Piezoelectric force transducers are employed where the forces to be measured are dynamic (i.e., continually changing over the period of interest - usually of the order of milliseconds). Force I Displacement I Torque I Load Cells (1) Der Kraftaufnehmer 50 kN Ø 100 kann in Zugrichtung bis zu 25 kN verwendet werden . A force transducer generally contains four SGs, connected in a "ring" in a Wheatstone bridge circuit, which we are not going to explain in any more detail here (learn more about it in the reference book 'An Introduction to Stress Analysis and Transducer Design using Strain Gauges'). ��CdL�[�5���|����U _�:9���$ � ꝉ2�U��Zi�M̏x���`03X7 n:D�q;�H'�'�Ne"0̕��Kp�gԋv>�WY�VN�/�6Rt?X�é,ժDd/H딲-d�G�[��$�`gq�k�PB�\��"�� 4����n ���!İ}��'�8�I��.��K��ZvB7*4+C�3%�9y�>stream 0000003210 00000 n 0000041960 00000 n Force Transducer Special features - Precise and robust tensile/compressive force transducer for static and dynamic measurement tasks - High lateral force and bending moment stability, the effect of the bending moment is electrically compensated - For forces up to 2.5 MN - The numerous possible configurations (TEDS, double bridge, various electrical connections, etc. These devices utilize the effect that changes in charge are produced in certain materials when they are subjected to physical stress. Capacitive Transducer Definition: The capacitive transducer is used for measuring the displacement, pressure and other physical quantities. (;Pj7�PbQ�(�P@Bفt[]x�� �W�Ng����c�.�����9���Ud+ '�CD�5���=�GnOZ'd��uXf*�����. Force and strip tension sensors must not be opened. IMS Force Transducers Proven Technology – Your Gain The force transducers are devel-oped and manufactured exclusively in Heiligenhaus. 0000004024 00000 n Like an accelerometer, a piezoelectric force transducer generates an output charge or voltage that is proportional to the force applied to the transducer (Figure 7.6). ��d/��]�ČY�/��/����H9S �j��gxX�{�z���XCd�H��b���� �:V�:�i�z����\m'OL��_\�E��f垬�������bl�l�v�m�Yzr�Ϡ�R۰��e�G�-�;� zV´lZ�{�z�I���U#�g��T���P��n��V$N�����Kg�V$�& ��Lƕ$1H ?˴'���n�!�:71ic�V:�,&�m��.|z��h��= A contact transducer is defined like a single surface contact, i. e., you define the slave side only and supply 3 cards of input (cards 2 and 3 can be blank). \�Z�x;l�'��oy/� �A�(�.�3����6`pk��C�i�"� n�e{���\�ysC,����jy��>��-!�������;�a?Y�Sf�5� r��Td��J(�W��_S�Pԩ�h��O���=5|P�5�oނ0a�d �FU�;p?�"&��"cߝ,I���e�E2eK����.��@�a�#���̡�4l���lo��1���6�o�}���rl�©��c3ڜw{K�f��26DU��QwBZ*�8�x used for elderly people) For example, measurement of the hand force after an injury of the hand shows considerably smaller values (comparison between injured and healthy hand) Leg Force Measurement K-2565 . It has to be physically compressed or stretched so that the transducing part can generate output. •Can measure both static and dynamic changes. Magstadt, Germany l Tel: +49 7159/496970 - info@x-sensors.de l www. trailer Zugkraft und Druckkraftsensor TCETM Force Transducer TCETM CODE (Class 00) CODE ... info@x-sensors.de l www. 406B-HD 0.5mN . 488 0 obj <> endobj 0000003947 00000 n • These devices respond to the parameters by producing an output which is related to the value being measured or measurand. Contact transducers are used to record contact forces produced by other contacts (including *CONTACT_AUTOMATIC_GENERAL). ���S�M�6�Q�tO�����-�0Ց���ֿ���T��(ڷO.����U�D�+�c���G`t�\�����η�<>Ҥ`��Yo�g���W��d��,�0�~GZ�����K�L�lv&h����V\K�I�U�����btؗ��1q��k�P���8�}y9����*F���@M��R�;8�Zf74'�A�+�tctH���Ǿ�8�\r�S ^��/"2 ���.�`�����Ѿ���G�O��m���;/L�R2Ҍ~��lܜ1���Vɥ����$��&J�;6M�Y��\Mu_b&/� .9&����q ڱ��۰�����?;I�����3! A magnetic force microscope (Fig. Measurement is an important subsystem in any major system, whether it may be a mechanical system or an electronic system. The force transducer . The measuring body is manufactured from non-rusting stainless steel. 402B-HD 500mN. 36 0 obj <> endobj The transducer is a compact, durable, monolithic structure that converts force and torque into analog strain gage signals. 0000005654 00000 n :O��HV���vDZ�9X�\J�OE�U�fR g}I[�O�ju�k��]AH0O�d�?�� •Applied force is measure as change of inductance in the coil. 400B-HD 50mN. 1) may be described as composed of a force transducer, a microfabricated cantilever coated with a magnetic thin layer (Grütter et al. Transducers with a standard tool adapter are shown in . How-ever, the force gauges should be recalibrated if the test overload has been exceeded after a repair or other improper handling or changes have taken place. 0000003246 00000 n TENSION . The transducer is commonly used as a wrist sensor mounted between a robot and a robot end-effector. Force Transducer Special features - Compact design compressive force transducer - Accuracy class 0.2 - Nominal (rated) forces 50 N to 50 kN - Configurable with different cable lengths, plug assembly and TEDS on request - Made of rustless materials - High rigidity, particularly suited for dynamic measurement tasks Data sheet. 0000001583 00000 n Thanks to modern fabrication tech-niques, special solutions and user- specific force transducers can also be manufactured in small numbers. \�f��,s|��/m I����UĂl�S�-��B�G��1�����Ԭ�&�U��vRͭ�eȉΜh<>#��O�c?�ܤrr i�Z���:TA Transducers can give rise to remaining dangers if they are inappropriately installed and operated by untrained personnel.