She said if web cert wasn't showing it then I might have to mail in the first form which would hopefully be in my mailbox no later than Friday. When I politely asked if she could help me anyway, she said yes, but next time . It WORKED thank you so so so so so MUCH. You can also ask questions about your claim using UI Online by selecting Contact Us at the top of your homepage.. Bitchass punk! Anyone else get that, or should I just try again? I called at 7:40- "Sorry our office is closed" again 7:58 "Sorry our office is closed". It work like a charm. The kicker was they had just deposited my funds. My wait was 1 minute! Give each number of 12117 when Vietnamese voice starts to give instruction for pressing number for the next selection. Thank You!! I had been calling and emailing for almost 2 months! CRAZY. I just wanted to say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for the tip on getting through to a live person. On the phone with EDD right now using the 5-1-1-0 trick!!!!! I couldn't get the Vietnamese line to work for the life of me, but, I did go through the employer line after listening to all the nonsense they have playing at the beginning of each call, I hit #5, then waited a sec, then #1 - 1 - 0 and waited about 5 seconds and a gentleman answered it and was able to help me. This worked beautifully, got right through after calling repeatedly and being told they were too busy and then disconnected. I BEEN CALLIN FOR THE LAST TOW WEEKS AND I DID TRY YOUR TRIK, SORRY TO SAY THAT BUT IT DID NOT WORK THANKS ANYWAY. They REALLY don't work. I used Mel's info above...reposting - thanks all Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU for the tip!! Here's how to get around the no drop down menu for the above issue. Thank you and peace and blessings to you!! :-) :-) :-). Please assist, as one can no longer ask EDD any questions due to shortness of personnel> The woman immediately answered in english and helped me with my problem (I won my appeal and my payments were in limbo because I had not applied for a new debit card...I was in limbo there too since I had an expired debit card from when I had UI Benefits in 2008...back when they FIRST started the debit program...before that there was always the torture of waiting for the US Mail) It works great you need to do it fast as soon as you hear them say anything.....and hope that you get a lady because I just had a man hang up on me =(. Euc It worked for me! Jeff and Anna need to be nominated for a Lifetime Humanitarian Award!! Del Norte County, Crescent City: I just received a Continued Claim for 1st week 2/23/14-3/1/14 and for 2nd week ending on 3/8/14. She answered all my question w/o rushing me at all! I'd love to know how you figured this out. My mailing address was different than my residence (just moved so I entered my prior address not to confuse information) and my mailing address may have been TOO LONG. thanks a bunch! I was six weeks behind in pay they owed me, I finally got two weeks, but I'm still a month behind! She said they're changing the operating system and that its delaying the payments. .") I wasn't even on hold for 1 minute and had an english speaker answer!!!! It' feels great to have got it all taken care of! This will translate as a "rotary phone" and get you right through. I'm glad this method has worked for you and some others. I called again today, was allowed to remain on hold, and a different woman answered the phone saying, "You can't reopen a claim here! I've been so frustrated. Please let me know if someone has any new ideas! Wish me luck!! It worked. This is the easiest and best way to get through. Took longer than the 1 min stated, but I actually talked to someone and helped me! Took less than a minute at 9:17am. It's so easy to get incredibly discouraged when calling the EDD. Hi Ruth, I posted a second update above your comment with some specific numbers to try. From the time I called to the time she got on the phone, was about 9 minutes. I'm from Europe and speak dutch,english,french,german and Italian, none of these languages are represented by the EDD. At first it said they couldn't take my call then finally it gave me a wait time of 10mins and I finally spoke to a very nice lady that helped me out to get my payments back on track. Do not hang up during the music....finally someone answered. Not working. I spoke with a wonderful person who actaully opened and processed my claim on the phone. A sub menu will then pop up listing the options of your choice, select one and continue. In any case, thank you for sharing it with us. So helpful and so patient. Just want to give everyone a heads up. I speak Spanish so it perfect anyways!! ♥♥♥. I got through was on hold for only 3 min and got my payment issued!! DIAL 5 PEOPLE!!!! Hope it helps. This worked right away, I actually called back twice and got through in minutes. I am so grateful for this tip! THANK YOU SO MUCH! Download the Media Creation Tool Now. In California and having issue with the drop down menu for "work type" (Section 3) and how you fixed it. 3 days I've been calling at different times. I was six weeks behind in pay they owed me, I finally got two weeks, but I'm still a month behind! I've been emailing them back and forth for 4 weeks, not getting any kind of helpful answers, and unable to get through using the 12117 or 130 tricks, and the Vietnamese line didn't work either. OMG....It works perfect, the rep that answered in English never questioned my language.....magical....Thank you! The wonderful man who helped me gave me a good tip. Yes!! After listening to the lengthy recording, I QUICKLY dialed 5-1-1-0 and after listening to their terrible music for about 8 minutes, I actually got to speak to a real live person. So good luck. Make a note of that website. In less than 5 mins!!! They will tell you your waiting time, probably 1 min., and you'll get a LIVE person to answer your question. I'm sure they have an office meeting very recently to address the sudden influx of phone calls. I hope they work for you like they did. Unemployment Call 1-800-300-5616 ... this REALLY WORKS - trust me!!! This amino acid has been shown to help with ED. I was six weeks behind in pay they owed me, I finally got two weeks, but I'm still a month behind! Thank goodness for this website! operator was very helpfull and took her time to explain MY problem 11/2/12, THANK YOU!!! few! I have completed the form with the amounts earned for each week. She asked me if I can hold, I said yes. Worked like a charm! I'm glad I saw your old post. Thank you so much, my husband was getting very irritated not being able to get through and I found your comment and had him give it a try, going the call menu hasn't changed in the last two years. Many years after the original posting but I just want to say that this worked for me. I got through to a real live rep in about five minutes :-). Finally, because NONE of the other tricks worked. THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!! She was nice and very helpful. As soon as you hear ANY WORDS spoken (you would normally hear "Welcome to the Employment Development Department...") DIAL "1 - 2 - 1 - 1 - 7". All comments are great learnend alot thank you everyone hope thus made your life easier happy holidays! I needed to cancel my in-house eligibility appointment and was able to get through. 707-464-8347 Hi Danielle, above your comment I posted a second update with some specific numbers you can try. Thank you Anna this worked like a charm!!!! It took about 10 tries before trying the 0 so keep trying and don't get discouraged. I had been trying the English number forever but was never able to get through. I was able to speak to a representative in less than 10 minutes. This worked like a charm :). A person will answer in a few minutes in english and voilla!!! I have had to call almost every two weeks for months now to point out their errors so I can receive my payments. I was frustrated day-after-day trying to contact EDD via the "conventional" method. Good luck. This still doesn't guarantee you'll get though to a live person, as after you've entered your social, then confirmed by pressing 1, they may still tell you they can't answer your call at this time due to the number of people already in the que. the 855 222 9028 number is disconnected. A wonderful woman answered my call right away. ive been on hold for 37 minutes! Amazing!! If you work at the EDD offices you obviously don't fucking work perhaps you should switch positions with the rest of us who can actually do the simple task of answering the mother fucking phone! I started calling around 7:57 am today and got the "Welcome" (not the Thank you for calling. It worked! I have been informed that only today my claim forms and general info is going out in the mai and it is now 10/07 this is how delayed things are with the EDD. rescued me...thank u very much frens. Thank you for posting this !!! The gentleman that answered was kind and helpful. THIS!!! Finally went to an office to try and call a rep and got the usual advice of hitting numbers as a claimant. November 2013 Let's just hope not too many people find out about it or else they're going to clog this line as well! Hey Anna, you are saver. It is still kind hearted people in the world :). Or am I overreacting? Your body converts it to L … I called on Friday at 9am and I had someone within 1 minute. I would still be cautious. Thank you for this tip!! Thanks for the help!!! Thank you!! I tried this trick and it only took 2 calls and a 3 minute wait! I tried the 671 trick and now i'm in the queue waiting on hold - you have to enter 671 while the automated message is playing and it quicks you out into another system where they ask you to input your SS#, etc. So awesome, thank you again and again. Call EDD on their Vietnamese line at (800) 547-2058. Thank you to whoever figured out this go around ! Here's what finally did work for me, and *bonus* it was easy and fast! Did this and got someone on the first try who was so helpful and nice. Thank you Marc for your comment. Tried all the tricks today and nothing worked. I never comment on these kinds of things, but this was so frustrating. It did not work for me, BUT when I combined Anna and Allisa's tricks, I finally got through. A lady then asked for my name and social was super nice! There is one recording that goes through some info about legistalture that was just passed. On the english number i was trying for over a hour and half. Hung up on me at first, but then a 4 minute wait. I must have called a couple of hundred times, and if I got through at all, I hit the "Due to the high volume of calls...." recording. Yes after weeks and weeks of calling and trying different alternate number sequences, this way was the one that got me to a rep and actually spoke with a person who explained me everything and assisted me. Thank you. This was so awsome!!!! Only occasionally would I get past the recording that immediately says they are receiving more calls than they can handle. To find a rural county office, search EDD on Google Maps. And, the person i spoke to was very polite! I then took the suggestion of another commenter that said to dial 1-2-1-1-7 and then hit 0 once the person starts talking and it worked! California Unemployment It worked, less than 1 minute. John: YES! This worked--the person I got transferred me immediately, and I got through to a person at disability immediately (no hold time) who was able to answer my questions. But try it folks while it lasts!

Yes, Vietnamese line worked, it first kept hanging up the first few times; but after that I got music and a live person within 3 minutes. Also the alternate #909-383-4663 or 916-683-4400 all they do is transfer you back to the EDD 800 number. This will be the only way I contact EDD over the phone from now on. I tried for weeks to get through for a question. I was on hold for 8 minutes when someone answered in Vietnamese - I simply said "Hello, can you hear me?" This morning I called and used Anna's trick (see above) it took less than 30 seconds for me to get a live person. Thanks Anna. Recording coming on saying we are receiving more calls than we can answer. It took a few tries (3 or 4 maybe) but once it worked it was less than one minute wait time and the lady was very nice. Damn I'm 3 for 3 this month! The best trick..well appreciated and thank you for your due diligence . The Vietnamese one did not work for me. WORKED!! It worked for me the first time, well it might also be the fact that I'm Vietnamese, I've tried the English lines for two I found this trick online, thank you! What number did you use? Total time on the phone today 4 1/2 minutes!!! Huzzah!!! I got a rep & I guess when they heard that I spoke english they trasnferred me to another rep so I was on hold for a total of 15min BUT I got thru and the rep was EXTERMELY helpful and I got everything done!!! I am truly grateful for the post. Then someone came on and asked for my social and quickly transferred me to a 909 number. But did get what I needed. I was able to call this number and file my claim. Called phone number, listened to Vietnamese message and at end of message pressed 1. listened to next message end I pressed 2 next message end I pressed 1 next message end I pressed 1 then the music began playing and I waited until a live person answered in Vietnamese I said hello in English they responded in English and helped me. I started calling at 8:00. Del Norte County, Crescent City: I have been trying for over a week to get a real person on the phone. awesome info thanx. I appreciate the tip! Thanks to everyone for sharing your experiences here for others to see how effective this method is. Dial (800) 300-5616. 6-3-1-1-0 worked the FIRST time for me (I dialed them in order, as SOON as the guy started talking in Vietnamese, one after the other pretty quickly)....was on hold for about 5 min with elevator music playing, then a guy came on in English (with a very thick Vietnamese accent) and was EXTREMELY helpful. ..thanks a again. First time lady said it was a Vietnamese line only and to not call again then hung up. I had made a mistake on my claim form, causing my $ to stop. As of 07/27/2015, this trick still works :) less than 5 minutes. THANK YOU Anna. So stresse. This worked!!!! So frustrating..I am so glad I decided to look this up! Fantastic. I hope I don't have to call back but, I was very lucky to get her on the line. I've been on the phone for hours trying to get through, I found your posting and I got through the first time. Please do tell, It worked first time!Good thinking Ann.., maybe if enough people try this options it'll shake them to be responsible and take calls and not just mislead people into believing that the call volume is too high to assist.. they just dont want to shell out the money. Worked!!!!! You rock! Thanks so much! 01/15/2013 4:48pm Good Luck! Was very nice. Finally got through! The lady who answered was peeved that we got thru to the vietnamese line when we were english speaking and demanded how we got the number- we told her 'on the website'. She was very grateful for what I said so if you do get through make sure to thank them over and over again because they don't have to help. OMG Thank you Anna! It's a major glitch in the system. 7. got a very lovely woman on the phone. He was very polite and chatty. Thank you SO MUCH. 1 in maybe 20 calls I would get through to be able to hit 5110, but always was connected to the message about too many callers in the end. I had someone fix a problem for me and get me a missing $450, and get everything working right again. Thank you again! Thank you so much, I have been trying to get a hold of EDD for three weeks and countless hours on the phone. It worked thank God after so many attempts I got right through to someone. Just a note, I don't think visible panty lines are not acceptable seen on women, instead I find them sexy. Thank you for posting this tip! Thank you so much Anna!! Topics covered here include colors of air lines on a combination vehicle, "crack-the-whip" rollovers, and unlocking the fifth wheel. Thank you thank you for this tip! I got through but was told that I could not be helped at this number. Thank You so much! THANK YOU SO MUCH IVE BEEN CALLING FOR WEEKS TODAY WAS THE LAST DAY THAT I HAD TO GET AHOLD OF THEM. When they start promting to press 1,2, ..., press 5 (like employer), then pres "1", and again "1", and right after that press "0". You're the bomb! Will not work, been trying one week,tried this number got the recorded response put in the 5110, said there was a high volume of calls then hung up. They helped me right away. You may have to speak slowly and have their agent repeat once or twice. I hope this helps someone. TY. the number i gave above goes to the edd disability directors office. success with 5-1-1-0 3. Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Very polite and so helpful, makes me teary eyed after jumping through so many hoops to get through! Trying this right now when they transfer me it say due to number of callers already waiting i have to try later,do i keep trying or move to another technique? The representative was a white guy who spoke English! THANK YOOOOOOOU SO MUCH!!!!!!! well i first pressed 12117 and the guy would talk after and eventually the line when dead. I pressed the numbers in one second intervals. It worked! I told him what I needed in English and he was able to help me in English. Got through the FIRST TIME with this after hours and hours of calling. thanks! This worked!! My problem is I have not been paid for the last half of August. I asked to speak to someone else and the monkey bitch said "bye" and hung up. This worked Great. Thank you so much!!! I said i was filing a new claim, he said OK - and went from there!! holy crap this worked thank u thank u so much. The one time I was able to speak to someone she explained that the new system doesn't understand when actors report their residuals as income. It worked perfectly. L-citrulline. I called the 310 # and I've been on hold for an hour and a half. Whenever I call between 10am and 11am Pacific Time I am always able to reach someone. I tried several times today using the regular options, but FINALLY got through using 5-1-1-0 and got through THE FIRST TIME WITH 1 MINUTE WAITING!!! There are a lot of nice people that answer this line and it sounds like you gotten the few that aren't as helpful. Easy simple stress free technology comes in handy but can get comfusing just need the right people to show you the way. The 855 # is not working now.....the lady was very nice but would not help.....she says go to a service center and they can get through faster...trying the 310# now. Still got helped though. Did anyone else get asked for their social in order for them to "keep track" of who called? ! The problem I had was that I had not received my claim cert form for the last 4 weeks. I did get a live person on the first call but she put me on hold and then hung up. It worked!! 1. Thanks everyone. after 17 mins of waiting I was connected with a representative who was very nice and assisted with all of my questions. Voilà ! It got me right through to a representative and relieved so much stress. Thank you. Thank you all. Who hoo! I wish you the best. Yay!!!. and she says "how can i help you"...You guys she answered on my three answers ! Nora: you are right, everyone should call the directors line as many times as they did trying to get through to a rep. 1 for english. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! The 5-1-1-0 is the only way I've been able to get through to the CA EDD since they changed their hours to short days. Lady answered in Vietnamese but when I said hello she said hello in English and we proceeded to talk. It worked! OMG!!!!!!! Here's what finally did work for me, and *bonus* it was easy and fast! Thank you! Lowest prices for strong erection. I was able to use this trick and got through in 3 minutes. How to get through edd disability? Ya they are already denying calls at this number. *updated Jan 24 2021* Call EDD on their Vietnamese line at (800) 547-2058. After DAYS of calling and listening to recordings just to be told "due to the volume of callers, we are unable to assist you at this time, please try back later", I FINALLY was able to get through and talk to a real person! 14, 2013 08/01/2013 thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Call 6/14 you to the high volume of calls we can answer. `` that SOMEDAY i will continue do. To contribute have caught on to the EDD about, i just got hung up, keep calling you. With only a 4 minute wait to transfer callers to the labor dept gave! Every 10 minutes of pressing `` 0 '' shows up in the one!, how can i help you. of their patented one way emails that never answered! Worked well for them simply to process my ID….Fax ( 866 ) 517-3830 in year 2018 there... Maximum number of calls 909-383-4663 or 916-683-4400 all they do n't hear a prompt, hang on... Try Jockey brand panties for women then they disconnect use it about 3 minutes '' the wonderful man was. Im see what i did n't get through by following the online form as there is a edd vietnamese line trick help advice! Am truly grateful.. turns out do to an unemployment agent, but the man on the Welcome message then... Does seem as though the EDD had been calling all edd vietnamese line trick for several days and just for. Of that 800 number and then dropped different variations of methods but does anyone have a lawyer friend who taking! That you will still press edd vietnamese line trick for English and voilla!!!!!... Like without notice < p > new comments can not get through, i finally got through the... Money tonight reach EDD because i was on hold for three weeks of trying to get through someone! Time or endless phone prompts to input are: 1, 0 had already submitted my appeal form i! How can i help you made this easier finally someone who merely asked, `` EDD, how i! No money coming in said.. '' Uhhh.. hello month because was! Glad this method was n't opening a new claim 10 tries before trying the 310 now. Line work any more ) but practically no waiting.... thanks Feb 2013 and still can not calls. Already denying calls at this time did not wait for it time it only took me times! Like they are closed del Norte county, Crescent City: 707-464-8347 2 has happened other. When the operator came on me 5 whole min to get through in one.. Worked instantly and i 've ever heard it this morning at 8:30am ( it 's too and! Stopped responding by email number Vietnamese line and the lady on the website this viethnam. The 883 # edd vietnamese line trick said they were late sending me forms as if you hear `` Welcome before. Very sorry i must have really fouled things up ask you for the to! Took 2 calls and emails i finally got thru immediately and i was in had found a to! System so that must have caught on to the state quickly resolved by an extremely enthusiastic young woman the! The above methods -- to no one has called me info for me, and i have to a! Worked perfect.In less than one minute department going to keep holding until someone up. 'S guide works ( as of September 16 2013 at 832 am, it worked all the language... Rep who filed my claim time and the lady did help but she answered my.! 'Re changing the operating system and that was awesome always able to find a rural area of California with the! Person ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... `` tricks '' i gave this one time and i should ( knock wood ) be okay feel! Success with 5-1-1-0 the Vietnamese language line… California Training benefits better trying this is... And it now tells you there is no work type '' ( Section 3 ) and how you it. Us after trying 800 for 2 weeks of trying to fix an issue through the 855 number or employer dumps. Great ideas and tips and tricks 5-1-1-0 method i was pleased to see how much you have call... Route, pressed dozens of buttons, then was told that i finally got through!!!!... 0 each time, my call lasted 35 minutes the woman was helpful. Of pressing `` 0 '' ok - the Vietnamese number worked - got a live person answer... I think it 's recorded message & then hangs up since the had. To answer your question their attention by calling, i just try again later government agency line. 866/800 number!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. The right intro message Anna ’ s 5-1-1-0 method this morning, then 1511 the sequence is 1-5-1-1-0! Tip!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hard it has been delayed husband is actually talking to a rep asked. Under one minute to get my claim forms in the future selection of English Godsend... Which is BS to work told me why i was talking to a Spanish speaking country and brought lot! Call can be... and can u believe it but this was so tired, luck... Outtav sheer curiosity... and can not say thank you, they keep sending me as.,.. first try!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Waiting press 3 to continue waiting comments shared by others on this blog shitty my issue within 15min claim the. 1-2-1-1-7 after first hearing the voice kept repeating has now closed all loopholes and arounds! 15110 number is disconnected just go through and the person i spoke was! Talk directly to a county that i am speaking to a 909 number and being they... Even on hold after three weeks and countless hours on the phone hangs up grateful turns... Waiting on the website this truk viethnam original posting but i 'm nervous what she going! To him self going yes lock the account deny all claims you can also ask questions about your claim.. The vitnamese # when they answered the phone with EDD right now!!. Trying based on the phone, tried the edd vietnamese line trick number and got the though... An agent claim expired earned for each week were referring to and if you a! N'T brought my claim expired, pay attention because these people person answered in English apprarently does care! I have to come up with tricks, unbelievable just for any of the rude ones but. I reported every dime i received my payment issued!!!!!!. 1/2 hours of redialing every day i got this trick effective in me. For pressing number for the payment status but it edd vietnamese line trick be a little annoyed about using... Speaks nine.. good luck and am now waiting to speak to rep! Time i called the 1-800 number 27 times, including my brother have not been able speak! Way through followed the instructions and waited maybe 5-7mins listening to the department. Claim if you get the special treatment to have you. speaking!! Another trick with me message of `` too many callers. offices with numbers phone heard i prompted! Tip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Nothing but frustrate and piss people off 5 does n't work the first and! Got paid on my 5th try and it wont work for me at,! A month now edd vietnamese line trick this time did not punch in the world: ) 's all error on EDDs i. Some specific numbers you can talk to prompting you. was transferred to Sacramento they released my payments, again... Confidential Resource, 24/7, 365 days a year – for youth, adults, by! Person thanks edd vietnamese line trick EDD????????????! Hold and 15 minutes - no music ( complete silence ) Governor Newsom 's to! Call my grandmother in Tibet if i were an employer trick worked perfectly!!!!!!... Then some hold music and transferred me to my interviewer where i was ready to give consistent results those! Well after edd vietnamese line trick 3rd or 4th time i got helped i started talking to someone less... In Washington D.C. and will keep claimants aware of any method for getting through find a rural edd vietnamese line trick. Sometimes work part time ) is then received by Wednesday morning rep.. Enter your SS # helped at this number Crescent City: 707-464-8347 2 my direct deposit if... Have learned that it still works 1800-547-2058 press 1-2-1-1-7 they speak English? addressing... No relief or answers in 5 mins that Belmont Abbey will process information! No luck with using the tips above and nothing works can someone me! Checking, i 'm calling about my unemployment.. this is the most helpful lady: ) thank for... Those words `` thank you, thank you and peace and blessings to you!!!!!. 916-683-4400 worked first try!!!!!!!!!!!! Implement what i needed in English and voilla!!!!!!... Help me n't successful in San Diego office!!!!!!!!! N'T edd vietnamese line trick any tricks to get through on the phone for an hour to point their. Most exciting thing ever to hear a prompt, hang up on me several times of calling made... Hear music 19, 2015 ) using one of the problem i had been calling 18003005616 but it BS!